Filipinas, Foreigners and Cheating

Filipinas, Foreigners and Cheating

I am very pro-Filipina and pro-Filipino. My friends all know this. I have dated Filipinas and have a lot of friends here. This could offend some so don’t read further if you don’t want to hear what I have to say.

That all being said, this article is going to come across as controversial.

All foreign guys in the Philippines cheat?

In one word, “No” (they all don’t): however a lot do.

In the year and a half that I have been in the Philippines, whether married, in a serious relationship, in a new relationship, they all have their reasons. Maybe some excuses are “everyone does it”, “pier pressure from friends to party”, “I told her about it and she won’t leave me anyway”, etc.  The “bro code” applies and I wouldn’t bring it up or mess with things.

I met an old Australian guy who told me he has 4 or 5 girlfriends all over the PH and he takes off a month every 5 months or so and spends about a week with each of them. And he replaces them. Nasty. I met a Canadian guy who seemed like the nicest guy. He spends as much time as he can here and had a really cute gf. I commented as much to him. When she was out of earshot, he tried to “show off” and said, “Yeah, she’s pretty nice, but I am dating her friend too. Don’t tell her that”.

I have the fact that I happen to have never cheated in my favor. But against myself, I haven’t committed to a whole lot of people. I have had one girlfriend here in the Philippines which lasted about 4 months and we are still friends.

My theory is that white guys get absolutely spoiled here. And it’s not even their fault. Guys who can’t even find an ugly girlfriend in their own country can get just about whatever girl they want here. And they do it all day no matter how they act. They still get attention from the desperate minority which gives a bad look to the overall majority.

I know I don’t deserve to have girls asking to take a picture with me in the mall. I can’t explain why it happens. I didn’t ask for it. Do I like it? Who doesn’t like attention at some level?

I feel like the Philippines can sometimes take guys and ruin them in a way. I tell my friends, “if your guy comes to hang out with you for two weeks, lock his as up. Don’t take him to evibe and hybrid where he will likely see someone hotter than you winking at him all night.”

Guys like my friends Justin, Joe, Matt and Andrew (and quite a few of my other friends) hopefully won’t be offended because they are stand up guys who happen to live here and who I know to be good faithful dudes. Not all of us are sex tourists.

All Filipinas dating foreigners cheat too?

As I am thinking I should write an article about the above, but debating whether I even should, I myself have come to find that quite a few people who told me they were single who I have gone out with had guys already. In some cases, it’s their friends who told me after I had already been out with them a few times. In the cases where I was seriously pursuing, I have had 5 people in the last few months who I found out after dates.

I had a theory for white guys, so here’s my theory for Filipinas. They are ultimately looking for a good guy. Mostly for marriage. The bad apples in the bunch or the ones they worked so hard on who they thought they had, ended up going for someone two years younger with slightly bigger boobs and not missing that tooth in the back. Cruel, right? Reality.

They might have a guy they don’t know about. He seems nice, but so did the two before him. They keep their DIA profile open and decide to meet a few more. I could be wrong, and I am sure I will have a lot of opinions on this matter.

“Not married = basically single.” Is it really a Philippines culture thing or some kind of inside joke?

Another thing kind of along the same subject…. I have been introduced to people by friends, family members of theirs, etc. over the past year and have heard this line used often “they are single, they are not married”. I have heard it from too many people, too many times to wonder if they are joking or serious. Seriously, I can’t tell. I have also heard, “Dude, you’re a foreigner, you can still get her” which I think is terrible. If I had a girlfriend who thought this way, I would be pissed.

I am not writing this article about any recent thing that has occurred or any crazy thing in particular. It’s something I have thought to write a few times as I started blogging. I don’t make money blogging. I do it for fun. I write about things which I find cool, fun, funny, shocking, weird and just about every adjective you can think of when it comes to my life these days.

Some of my “stuff” comes out as controversial and people have very different emotions from the top of the scale to the bottom. I try to portray myself as the common man here expressing unbiased views. I don’t present myself as an authority, a saint or anything of that kind.

If you want to write me and tell me I am racist, mean, stupid, etc. I have posted 100 percent of the more than 100 comments I have received in the last few weeks and I try to respond as well.

I didn’t get into a lot of examples here or go into details because I am not that type of guy. I don’t want to offend real life examples or things I witnessed or experienced with people I know because I don’t want to offend them in name.

Ironically, people tell me they old guys are better because they are not “playboys” like I probably am. And among these examples above, there must be dozens of great relationships made of awesome foreigners and amazingly faithful Filipinas who I never happened to witness.

These people will surely write to me when they read this and have taken offense. Again, this article was not about you. But thanks for your opinion and reading.

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  1. Westerner in The Philippines says:

    I have lived in The Philippines for around 5 yrs now and of course you witness first hand many things that you heard about.
    Basically what you say in your article is very true. Again I too would not like to generalize but fact is fact and from what I see on average Filipinas are NOT faithful. When the cat is away the mouse comes out to play. Whats so horrible is that the local men also feel every Filipina who has a foreign b/f or husband is game for a little ;) on the side. I find this a total insult to the foreigner but especially to the Filipina because he is to putting it bluntly calling her a hooker who is only with the Kano only for his $$$$$
    In a few words if you have a Filipina don’t leave her behind when you go back home, if you do you are asking for trouble. If you value your relationship with her you’d want to spend your time with her so don’t leave her behind because the temptations are many. So many guys think ‘Ah I am sure about her this will never happen to me’ ……..don’t be too sure if it bothers you that your woman is being laid by some other guys …..usually locals or visiting foreigners. Many of them have the cheek to have a permanent relationship with a local who steps aside willingly while the Kano is in town. During that time they are screwing some other hot puke in the neighbourhood. His mistress is earning her keep being a temporarily faithful asawa to her bf/hubby.
    This is going to infuriate many Filipina women but I tell you all honestly this is the reality of the situation in The Philippines. Having said all this I am one who has a Filipina wife also and I do my best to reduce the opportunities she has to fall into this accepted culture (which by the way is a well kept secret by the family and neighbours they all know what is going on but they dont tell the Kano……..of course not everyone stands to lose if he finds out). So far I have not had any serious reasons to believe anything is going on behind my back. However I am vigilant and have shown her that while many Filipinas do it ……in my eyes it is not acceptable and if it does happen she can expect a big boot up her behind.


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