Filipinas – Is It Brutal Honesty Or Insensitivity?

Filipinas – Is It Brutal Honesty Or Insensitivity?

From what I have seen, at least with other Filipinas, Pinays can be very direct and to the point.

I have not noticed this as much with Filipinos as much as I have with Filipinas and gay Filipinos. There is a sort of brutal honesty and (in my opinion) sometimes an insensitivity towards other people. I am not even saying it is always bad and maybe there is a sense of humor involved that I totally miss.

I think telling the truth can sometimes be a double-edged sword where people don’t want to tell other people something for fear of upsetting them.

An example of this that made me think to write an article is a foreigner was sitting next to me getting a haircut. The girl commented loudly to him something to the effect of “Sir, your hair is getting so much thinner since I last saw you”. I could almost see the guy’s immediate insecurity and embarrassment jump out from his face.

In the US and UK, from what I have seen, even if the guy said, “Is my hair thinning?” the barber might say, “Oh, not that much sir” or “I hadn’t noticed, but if it bothers you, you could try this product”.

I have heard people make comments about people getting fat, looking older, etc. I have had people tell me I looked older because I lost weight while back and reversely they complimented when I had gained weight again. Did it make me drink protein shakes and lift weights? Well, ya. :)

I had read one article about a girl who was with a foreigner saying that when she was walking around with her guy, people would comment perhaps thinking she couldn’t hear comments like “She’s probably a prostitute”, “That guy could do better”, “Wonder how much allowance she gets”, etc.

I am curious where this comes from. I know that the Filipinos are generally quite nice and sensitive people in general.

It’s kind of funny. As I just finished writing this, I was at Dimple’s desk while she was reading one of her articles that had her Bio and and two of the other girls in the office walked past and commenter that her picture on her Bio was “Pangit” and “Made her look old”.



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  1. Jaymie says:

    I think i was the dude sitting next to you at the Barber’s. :P

  2. Mae says:

    sad to hear that because not all Filipina are like that :( :(

    i hope you broaden your network know different filipina before you have written this article.

    dont generalize filipinas.

    • Daniel says:

      Thanks for reading an commenting Mae. I would just like to ask you to re-read if you have time. You will see that I am very specific with examples and not generalizing. And inquiring, not accusing. I think very highly of Filipinas.

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