The Price of Beauty: A Filipina’s Perception about Being Beautiful

The Price of Beauty: A Filipina’s Perception about Being Beautiful

Seeing beautiful ladies with beautiful bodies is not a new thing for anyone. These ladies are everywhere in the Philippines. As you turn on your television you can see great faces and amazing bodies playing big roles in movies; showcasing their flesh to endorse a product; displaying their flawless skins to attract a consumer to some sort of a product.

Celebrities and other famous names in the showbiz industry are continuing to influence the people’s perception of beauty. For some, they serve as the “standard” basis of being beautiful, yet for others, they are just lucky individuals, who have the power to change their lives and appearances because of their fortune and inherited popularity.

But what does outer beauty do to a person? Is it a requirement to earn a living? An attribute to magnetize luck? In a nation which boasts diverse culture and traditions, is outer beauty a great factor in order for someone to be able to live a happy life? Let’s all think about it! This is why I have come across this topic because I have noticed such an increase in the popularity of plastic surgery, and not only that, whitening products, branded make-ups, beauty salons and other beauty enhancing stuffs are now circulating in the market and surprisingly, even the very young individuals and males are now very into it.

Yes! Appearance plays a very big role in today’s generation. For instance, companies are not only looking for qualified individuals to fit a job in their institution but they are also hunting for someone who posses a stunning beauty, and this becomes one of their strategies to attract customers and consequently will help them increase their productivity and sales, this gimmick becomes so rampant nowadays.

In fact, some companies clearly state in their requirements that if you intent to apply in their reputable institution you should have a “pleasing personality”. With this, I can say that if I am going to be judged according to my appearance, then I should have not taken a degree, for in some ways, beauty are more valued than ability. Funny it may seem, but it’s a fact! So, in a simpler way, it is really somewhat important to become beautiful for you to acquire a comfortable life.

Another thing is that, when women are in a relationship (regardless of how long or how fresh it is), more often than not, insecurities arise because we tend to feel that we are less of a person when it comes to appearance since we are thinking that all women who are, in our feeling more appealing than us may become our rival and may actually become a threat in our relationship with our boyfriend/husband.

And because of this, we’ll now contemplate of pampering ourselves more and increase our desire to appear more wonderful and beautiful in the eyes of the one we love. Here comes the idea of going to the salon for a new hair do; go shopping for alluring dresses; put on make-up; consult a dermatologist in the hope of enhancing our God-given uniqueness.

But the fact of the matter is that, we are just doing these things to increase our confidence and self-esteem, but that doesn’t mean undergoing all the massive physical changes in ourselves just to satisfy the thirst within us – to become more beautiful. Yes, there’s nothing wrong with wishing and aiming to become pretty and stunning, but we must always remember that inner beauty is more important than outside appearance. Most of the times, people will be valued because of his/her good characteristics, amazing attributes and behavior as a person and not because he/she is beautiful and charming. The totality of a person includes his/her upbringing, perception on things, maturity, experience, coping abilities, and a whole lot more, thus, beauty and appearance is just a parcel of this wholeness.

I have known countless of beautiful faces; in school, in our community as well as in my workplace. But what’s their difference compared to let’s just say the less fortunate faces? What can I say? Yeah, they are pretty, attractive and wonderful individuals, but still, these beautiful individuals are not to be considered as the main asset of our society, they are also humans, and like all of us they also encounter problems, difficulties and shortcomings in life.

They are not exempted to pain, hunger (in any sense), abuse, loneliness, guilt and etc. All of us were created in the image and likeness of God, thus, everybody is equal, rich or poor, able or differently abled, young or old, beautiful or not beautiful.

All of us must be treated with dignity and value, regardless of who we are or what we are in the society. Remember, outside appearance is transient. Like any other things, it may be lost in a snap, what is important is how we behave and how we deal with the people we meet in our everyday life.

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