Why Foreigners Prefer Filipinas To Their Own Western Women

Why Foreigners Prefer Filipinas To Their Own Western Women

Why do foreign men come to countries like the Philippines to meet Pilipinas instead of staying home to find a woman? My friend Dimple wrote an article about this from a Filipina and female standpoint and I thought I would chime in myself.

Here is her article about Why to Marry Filipinas from a Filipina’s point of view.

There are probably a lot of answers to this, but the most obvious one is that the quality of available women in the Philippines is significantly better than abroad. And I don’t mean to belittle women abroad and I will expand. A middle aged man who is not necessarily wealthy or in the best shape and who makes only $28,000 per year and who lives in a small town somewhere in the US  could come to the Philippines and in all likelihood, can meet many beautiful young, college graduate girls who would be capable of falling in love with him.

In the US, as an example, if that same guy in the above paragraph went into a Starbucks and tried to buy dinner for 20 women of  the same age, beauty and qualifications, he probably could not get a date with one of them. Absolutely no joke.

In this article, I will not be getting into the negative stigmas of “mail order brides” or age differences or anything like that. I have covered that before and will no doubt continue to debate in the future. This article is going to explain why foreigners should thank whatever gods they have that they are lucky enough to date Filipinas here and have the unnatural level of popularity.

1) Call me shallow for putting this first, but let’s face reality, Foreigners can find far more attractive partners here than they could at home. Guys who may not be able to find unattractive women in their own countries can come here to the Philippines and land beautiful girlfriends or wives.

2) A lot of Filipinas are generally amiable and pleasant to get along with. Not to say submissive, but rather sweet and loving. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of girls everywhere who love drama and fighting as much as the next woman, but I think it is pretty clear that Filipinas are not as nagging and demanding as foreign women. For a guy who has spent the last twenty years with a nagging wife, to come over to the Philippines and hang out on the beach with a sweet, fun Filipina girl is an experience that will make him never want to go back to his previous life.

3) From what I have observed of Filipina culture, they do not try to dominate their homes. They are supportive of their husbands and respect his decisions and goals.

4) For me, Filipinas, because of their good English have more reality and are easier to communicate with and understand and be on the same level with than many other foreign women in other countries.

OK, I am going to say this without speaking about the whys or any negativeness connected. Filipinas like security and in the culture tend to be attracted to older men. Men everywhere should thank their lucky stars for this and treat their women so good. Filipinas should in turn never tolerate a guy who doesn’t treat them good as there really are a lot of great guys out there who just haven’t found them yet.

If you want this whole article in pictorial form, here you go (I am kind of joking. Atik lang.) 

6 Responses to “Why Foreigners Prefer Filipinas To Their Own Western Women”

  1. Mark says:

    Dude, you nailed it.

    My favorite:

    “This article is going to explain why foreigners should thank whatever gods they have that they are lucky enough to date Filipinas.”

  2. Gie says:

    WOW! hahahahahaha……..

  3. Johann says:

    I am from South Africa but work in the Middle East.
    I have NEVER been able to find a wife in my home country who loves me for who I am.
    I met a beautiful Filipina through a co-worker.
    She is smart, beautiful , VERY SUPPORTIVE and loves me for who I am!!

  4. Keithstone says:

    I have one kid left in his last year of highschool I’m 49 retired for 13 years now with a food secure pension. I got one year left and I’m leaving my fat American slob wife and moving
    I’ve got my passport ands have been stashing spare cash for several years. I don’t think I’ll ms the USA and if I do I’ll just engulf n more booze, women and song. Haha my finish line is in sight !!!!!!


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